Influence, Christian Louboutin.

Every time Christian Louboutin is in New york and every time im on paris, we make time to see each other. while i love him as a friend, I am in awe of him as a designer. His shoes are no ordinary heels; they are pieces of art.
Who else can get away with making ankle boots with oversize spikedstuds look just as chic on an uptown lady-who-lunches as on a young fashionista? I remember when i first caught wind of some designer named Christian Louboutin - hid red-soled heels were a well-kept secret among shoe-fetishists like me.
Now he has become one of the most recognized shoe designers in the world. Christian has taught me that when it comes to your work, you have to be fearless in order to succeed. While his company has exploded into the mainstream, he´s never given up his singular vision. It's very French in a way. Christian is a man who embraces a woman for who she is - bold, complicated, and a bit risqué. His shoes are charged with a sexual energy; despite how feminine ang gorgeous they are, there's always something kinky and humorous about them, too.
I look to both his integrity and his my-way-or-the-highway attitude for inspiration.
He sticks to his guns and never sells out his name. But most importantly, he understands the secret to the feminine mystique: Being a woman might be tough, but being tough is sexy as hell.

As Christian would say, Voilà!

Says: Mary-kate & Ashleey Olsen.
From: Influence.

Postat av: Miss C

Åh, jag har ofta Christian Louboutin-skor på min blogg! Love it!!! ;D

Kika gärna in hos mig! ^^

Kram C

2010-01-16 @ 23:23:27
Postat av: Anonym

Älska hans skor!

2010-01-17 @ 00:46:32
Postat av: fia

Önskar man hade råd :P

2010-01-17 @ 00:46:42
Postat av: Anonym

grymma skor! snyggaste som gjorts.

2010-01-17 @ 00:46:52

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